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Warm welcome to Wa³brzych

Ladies and Gentlemen,

With real enjoyment I greet You to Wa³brzych, the town of over 700 years of history, which now is the administrative, industrial and educational centre of the region. Wa³brzych is an interesting place for tourists. Numerous historical monuments picturesquely composed into the landscape of our town as well as attractive tourist-recreation surroundings provide the perfect conditions for all year rest.

Wa³brzych takes the profits from government and local commercial preferences, and exemptions in force in Wa³brzych Development Economic Zone INVEST-PARK at its disposal are the educated staff and easy accessible work force, it is in possession of many unoccupied objects and terrains for investments. Proximity of border crossings and international communication routes (air-ports, roads, railways), modern telecommunication network within the country and abroad - all this makes Wa³brzych also attractive place for investors.

Once again I would like to invite you to visit our town and I truely hope, that You, Ladies and Gentelmen, will be frequent guest here.



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